Information and Thanks

Many thanks to all those faithful followers of Jesus, who across generations and across the globe, shared the Love of God, contemplated about the depth of HIS name and fruitfully shared this with others.

We‘d like to thank Doz. theol. Dr. Abraham Meister for writing the reference-book „Namen des Ewigen“, which was amazingly helpful for evaluating, researching and analyzing the names of god.

Many thanks also to Andrea Lebrato, Myrta Turnes and Ruth Bucherer for their help in the creation and revision of the website in English.

Huge thanks also to our families, friends, sisters and brothers in Christ – Your encouragements, your help and your prayers were amazingly precious to us.

And thank you so much, dear Lord. YOU, who gave us YOUR Son – and with HIM – YOUR wonderful Holy Spirit!

If you have recommendations or feedback, please don‘t hesitate contacting via email.

Technical Executions
Marc Kunz

Content Execution
Roland Kellenberger

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.